Plantar Fasciitis and Type 2 Diabetes: Is There a Link?

As an individual who has lived with plantar fasciitis, I can honestly say, “I feel your pain.”  I consulted with a chiropractor, a podiatrist, and an orthopedic surgeon. I had custom and store-bought inserts for my shoes, cortisone injections, laser therapy, and physical therapy. I taped my feet daily to help with the pain. I […]

Sleep Deprived?

How Bad Do You Really Want to Sleep? I am one of those people who love sleeping and will do anything necessary to make sure I get to bed on time, go through my routine and get my full 8 hours…whenever humanly possible!  That does not mean that once in a while I don’t stay […]

Is Waste Really Our Right?

I ask this simply because we live in a country where have certain “Inalienable Rights” that include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have the right to open the business of our choice, our kids can play sports of their choosing, we travel, we cook foods we like, we play sports, we are […]

You Are Invincible, Until You Are Not!

Yes, you can end up with diabetes. Yes, you can end up with cancer. Yes, you can end up with coronary heart disease. There are literally hundreds of versions of this sentence, but these are the most common. You are not invincible! When young, we see older people struggling with a multitude of diseases, but […]

What is Metabolic Syndrome and Why Should I Care?

Metabolic Syndrome is an encompassing term related to a group of ailments that often hit us in our later 40’s and into our 60’s after a lifetime of just that, life.  We work, we play, we raise families, we shuttle kids everywhere and grab dinner, anywhere!  We brag about all that we juggle and how […]

How not to make food “PREP” the other four letter word!

I know, first hand what it is like to not have a minute to yourself on the precious time off you get to relax or have fun!  Whether you work full time or are raising a family….there is never enough time.  I have heard this concept of food prepping that takes all of one of […]