Is Waste Really Our Right?

I ask this simply because we live in a country where have certain “Inalienable Rights” that include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have the right to open the business of our choice, our kids can play sports of their choosing, we travel, we cook foods we like, we play sports, we are so lucky!

I now ask about certain “Inalienable Responsibilities”. We live in a very single use world. Is this our right to abuse the natural resources of our planet, or is this something we are responsible to nurture?  Would you want someone abusing your being so they can achieve their goals, or would you prefer they work with you for mutual benefit?

We have a need to drink clean water, but what benefits our bodies should not hurt our planet. Yet we don’t even blink at using a petroleum-based product that is only recycled at a rate of less than 30%, according to multiple sources. Even when recycled, think of the energy used to produce this bottle in the first place, now more energy to turn it into something else. If not recycled, research is showing that one single use plastic bottle can take between 450 and 1,000 years to break down. That’s up to 13 lifetimes. That’s a hell of lot of waste for a single glass of water, especially since it’s a choice!

Imagine just your consumption of water bottles. Let’s say you have one water bottle per day.  We are not even going to count the other items you may drink out of plastic, just one water bottle per day. Now imagine that you are responsible for storing those empty bottles in your home for one year. What would that look like? How long would it take for your entire house to be filled with plastic garbage? Is it fair or right to simply toss it out, close your eyes and your mind about what is actually happening next? Do you simply choose not to see? What right do we have to leave this kind of waste behind for just one serving of water?

For the price of a couple of cases of water, you can buy a decent, large water bottle or cup with lid and straw that you can refill over and over again. If you like grabbing a bottle of water from the refrigerator in a rush, get 2 or 3 of them and keep them fully loaded and ready to grab. Now think about how your house looks storing a few re-usable water bottles.

Plastic was an amazing invention in 1907, but what have we learned since then? Have we taken this too far? We as humans are incredibly resourceful, since we have learned to use much of our planets possessions to survive, that’s her gift to us. Our responsibility is to not return her gifts made up of products she cannot break down and re-use to nurture her. How selfish of us!

This writer knows that many of you will move on and not care, but if this writer can inspire even a small number of people to think before acting, we could help our planet and humanity more than we can even imagine. Such a small ask in such a big problem.

Now I challenge you to do better! 

Drink your water but leave only good health and urine behind!